Take control over potential water leaks

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  • Nofitication by sms, email or push notifications
  • Get notified if water leakage is detected
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  • History data from sensor
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Simply check your phone!

Thanks to Fairtrails unique features, the sensor can detect instant water leakage or potential leakages on a more detailed level than no other sensor in the market today. Combine our technical setup with simple design for usability we believe our solution will make you in control over water leakages.

  Detect potential water leaks in time
  Avoid costly renovations
  Track your exact humidity and temperature levels over time
  Increase the value of your property with documented humidity levels
  Developed together with one of Sweden’s biggest insurance companies
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"It's really easy to install and now I can monitor for waterleakages from my cellphone - Real user

We are in production and available all over Sweden. Are you an insurer and want to partner with a Swedish Insurtech startup? Please email info@hiotlabs.com

A platform packed with powerful features

The platform is perfect for an organisation ready to test IoT for real. We have A/B testing built-in and advanced anlytics for best insights. We believe our software should continues to develop and therefore we focus early on devops in order to be successful and meet your new demands continues. Our platform is developed with latest web technologies and modern development patterns. Our architecture is designed to run any public/private cloud supporting Docker or on your own infrastructure.

It's simple -We provide the complex technology. You focus on how this can help your customers!

Sharing your data

House holders decide who to share their data with. Share to your friend, neighbour or organisation. Organisations can setup services in order to be relevant for customers needs. Data is stored on secure datacenters located in Sweden or if you prefer your own infrastructure.


Get notified by push messages, email, SMS or let an organisation take care of events from rules. For organisations its easy to setup notifications to your callcenter and act one step a-head your customer knows something has gone wrong.

Stay in control

Act before the damage is done with help from our algorithm services. As a professional service use our back office tools to proactively help your customers near real-time and modern digital communication.


All information from sensor to our platform is handled over encrypted communication. Access to data is handled over role-based security on row-level security.

No passwords

All requests to or from our platform are secured by identification and authorization. We know it's hard to remember passwords therefor we are sending you access codes by SMS or email. No more password ;-)

Simple installation

Get the sensor. Download the app. Tap the 3-steps installation and you are connected! Organisations is trained for our backoffice tools in a day. All backoffice tools are webbased and work from your cellphone, tablet or computer.

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  • Make your home smart!

    Our product helps your home to become smart and connected. With a connected water detector, you don't need to worry about unpleasant water leakage. With our app you will have access to an overview of your home and see its health and get notified if we suspect leakage.

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  • Measure the health of your property

    We help you to keep track of your home. One of the most common hazards that houses and apartments are exposed to are waterdamage. But, no more!

  • The latest techniques

    We believe technology can change things to the better. Our solution is designed and developed in Stockholm/Sweden during 2015-2022 and still evolving.